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A vital new
surveillance and protection system for
Critical Underground Infrastructure


The COPS™ system provides a complete solution to a long standing need to protect manholes from unauthorized entry. Unique network and sensor devices require no hardwired source of power, allowing great flexibility in the protection of a critical resource. A self-configuring network, and flexible software are integrated to provide manhole protection when and where it is needed.
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Above is a simplified block diagram of the COPS system. Manholes each contain Cover Open Transponders (COTS) that monitor the status of the manhole cover. COTS communicate with the transceiver network, which uses the Zigbee® RF protocol to provide very reliable communications with minimal power needs. Point to point RF links or other communications paths will be used as required to provide communications between the monitoring center and groups of protected manholes in separate locations.
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Transceivers and COTS use the Zigbee protocol that is self-configuring, so that a network is in place as soon as the transceivers and COTS are installed.

Continuously running automated Diagnostics and Self-Test features report any signal loss, or low power level and their locations to the monitoring center.

Network redundancy ensures that an alarm is never missed in case of a transceiver failure.

All power sources are designed for a ten-year operating life. The system continuously monitors all power sources. Aging batteries or damaged solar panels will be detected and reported to the monitoring center.

Firmware (software) can be uploaded over the Zigbee wireless network. This eliminates the need to physically access any device to install firmware upgrades.

The robust Zigbee protocol is designed specifically to avoid interference from Wi-Fi and other wireless networks and devices operating in the 2.4 Gigahertz radio band.

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